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In times of slavery in this country,
enslaved African couples were denied
all rights, including the right to be formally
married and live together. Because they
could not legally marry, they created their
own rituals to honor their unions. So to
make a public declaration of their love and
commitment, a man and a woman would
literally jump over a broom into matrimony.

The jumping of the broom is a symbol of
sweeping away the old and welcoming
the new, or a symbol of a new beginning.

Many couples today are choosing to include this ceremony in their own wedding.

In a ceremony dating back to the 1600s
derived from Africa, The straws of the broom represent family and the handle
represents the Almighty.





Marlow and Diana Jumping their Wedding Broom
Diana and Marlow Gates
jumping their own wedding broom.
Fancy Sweep sized wedding Broom $450
A Fancy handled Sweep size
Wedding Broom. Approx. 65" tall

A Plain handle smaller wedding Broom $150

A simple handled hearth size
Wedding Broom.  Approx. 36" tall
Wedding broom decorated with a bow
Your Friendswood Brooms Wedding Broom can be
decorated by your florist to match your ceremony.

Ordering a Wedding Broom

Our Unique embracing Wedding Broom design makes a beautiful symbol of two coming together as one.  To me, the brooms almost look as if they are dancing or hugging.  I came up with this broom design when Diana and I got married.  We are happy to custom make a wedding broom for your special day. 

These wedding brooms are one of a kind works of art and take several weeks to complete. 

Our wedding brooms start at $250.00 for a small hearth sized broom and go up to $1,250.00 for an extra large fancy sweeper sized broom.   Decide what size you want (hearth vs. sweep) and how fancy you want the handle to be (plain and straight vs. vine wrapped and twisted).  Once you have a size and approximate price in mind call or email us and we will email pictures of wedding brooms we have in the works.   Sometimes, on rare occasions, I have one or two finished in stock but, for the most part, I have to custom make each one as it is ordered. 


Here is a typical example of wedding brooms in the works.  You can expect to get a picture like this when you call to place an order.  It shows a finished Box Elder fancy sweeper ($750), a Maple fancy sweep handle ($800 when finished), a Bittersweet vine fancy hearth that still needs to be sewn ($350 when finished) and a small fancy Camphor and Bittersweet hearth handle ($275 when finished).   

A sample of Wedding Brooms in the works

When you are ready to order your special wedding broom please call us at 828-683-9521 or e-mail me at



A  Fancy Cherry Wedding Broom $450 A very fancy Maple Wedding Broom $525

Here are two large Fancy Wedding Brooms that sold recently.  The first Wedding Broom is Cherry with a Bittersweet vine wrapped spiral sewn in dark thread.  ($650)  The second Wedding Broom is Maple with a Honeysuckle vine wrapped sprial and sewn in light thread.  (Note the carved handle that shows the light and dark of the wood,  $825.)

An Oak handle Circle Sweeping Broom with Birch twigs
A Traditional Round Besom Broom with an Oak handle, Birch twig sweep and bound with Willow. $250

The same broom made with a natural broomcorn sweep would be $125

These custom made brooms by Marlow Gates can be ordered with whatever woods are sacred to you.


Circle Sweeping brooms, besoms or brooms for Handfasting
 can be ordered with specific instructions for materials.
We pride ourselves on making the very best. 

If you want to participate in making your very own besom we welcome you to send your own broom handle or come to our studio here in Big Sandy Mush, North Carolina and pick out a piece that calls to you.