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Price and Shipping Information


To place an order, just call or e-mail us and let us know what brooms you would like.
We do travel to shows most weekends but, we check our messages as soon as we return. 
To be on the safe side you might want to call and
e-mail us.

Phone 828-683-9521 and e-mail
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Price List

Effective January 2011

       Item Code #            Description              Price                 


SH-1          Small Hearth              $32
MH-2         Medium Hearth        $40
LH-3          Large Hearth             $56
DH-4         Double Hearth           $72

Fancy Hearth

SFH-5     Small Fancy Hearth       $44
MFH-6   Medium Fancy Hearth  $56
LFH-7     Large Fancy Hearth      $72
DFH-8    Double Fancy Hearth    $96


SC-9            Short Cobweb              $28
MC-10         Medium Cobweb         $36
LC-11           Long Cobweb              $44

Fancy Cobweb

SFC-12     Short Fancy Cobweb       $36
MFC-13   Medium Fancy Cobweb  $44
LFC-14    Long Fancy Cobweb        $56


SS-15            Small Sweep                $56
MS-16           Medium Sweep           $64
LS-17            Large Sweep                $96
DS-18            Double Sweep             $124

Fancy Sweeper

SFS-19        Small Fancy Sweep       $72
MFS-20     Medium Fancy Sweep    $96
LFS-21       Large Fancy Sweep       $148
DFS-22     Double Fancy Sweep      $196

Child's Sweeper

RCS-23    Regular Child's Sweep     $44
FCS-24     Fancy Child's Sweep       $56

Cake Testers & Whisks

CT-25            Cake Tester               $10
PS-26             Pot Scrubber              $10
SW-27       Small Whisk (round)      $10
LW-28     Large Whisk (sewn flat)  $24

Cake Tester, Pot Scrubber, Small Whisk and Large Whisk (with dyed broomcorn)

As usual, we have a few exhibit and decorator quality brooms in traditional as well as contemporary styles. These include our Gifts of the Waters Driftwood Collection, Wedding Brooms and Large Jolly Broom Giants. These are custom made, one of a kind pieces priced from $150 to $1,250 Each. We invite your inquiry concerning these special items.

Ordering Information and Delivery Policy:
You are ordering the absolute finest handmade brooms in the United States. THESE TAKE TIME. We are a family business, with the normal interruptions.

When we receive your order, it is placed in line, filled and shipped in order. Depending on what time of the year it is, this may take one week or several months. IF THERE IS A DATE BEYOND WHICH YOU CANNOT USE THE BROOMS PLEASE LET US KNOW ON YOUR ORDER.

Shipping: Via U.S.P.S. Priority mail, or U.P.S. ( f.o.b. Leicester, NC)
Payment: You are welcome to pay with a check, money order or Credit Card. (Cows and Chickens are negotiable as well.).

Please make checks payable to: Friendswood Brooms

Sample of some of our brooms

Here is an example of different broom sizes
(Please note that this is an older photo and nowdays we tie our brooms with green twine instead of the white.)

A.  long cobweb broom LC-11
B.  fancy cobweb broom MFC-13
C.  large fancy hearth broom LFH-7
D.  double hearth broom DH-4
E.  hearth broom with pine knot MFH-6
F.  large Fancy sweeper LFS-21
G.  fancy hearth broom MFH-6
H.  large sweeper LS-17
I.  hearth broom with driftwood
J.  hearth broom MH-2

Fancy Sweeper Brooms MFS-20

Here is an example of some more recent fancy sweeper brooms.
From left to right the handles are: Box Elder, Dogwood, Maple, Oak, and Dogwood.