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At Friendswood Brooms we like to
make functional art. Most of our brooms are designed to be used and enjoyed.

We understand that in using a
piece of functional art there are
many ways it can be damaged.
We understand that children, pets
and stray sparks can cause accidental
damage, and that even with careful use,
the years will eventually take
their toll on a broom.

All of our brooms come with a
lifetime guarantee. Should you ever wear
out one of our brooms, send back
the handle and, for a nominal fee, we will
replace the head and return it for your
further use. Should anything ever happen
to the handle of your broom, send
it back and we will try to
match it with a new one.

We use all natural, unbleached broom corn.
Unlike store bought brooms which are
bleached and then dyed, the natural fiber
will retain its strength and flexibility for
many years. In fact it was fifteen years
after we started our guarantee
before we had any to repair.