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Here are some of our more recent works of broom art.

These 5 are currently in museums and private collections.

Fancy Bittersweet vinesRootsMay the Circle..Rhododendron RootsWedding Broom

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A booth full of Art Brooms

Here is a recent Booth shot from the American Craft Show at Sarasota showing our latest Gallery style brooms. 

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(The following is Ralph's dedication of his gallery show at the Folk Art Center in 2000.
It was one of the first major exhibits of  Brooms as Art. )


Crossing The Line

Whatever the line, whether the school yard line scuffed
out by the bully's toe, the line between countries, or the
often changing line between sanity and eccentricity,
there always seems to be repercussions in its crossing.

In the case of the line between craft and
art, the results are always joyful.

With a great deal of pride and a sense of wonder,
this exhibit escorts the venerable craft of
broommaking into the realm of art.

This exhibit would not have been possible without Marlow,
my son, partner and friend.  He relieved me of my duties
in our production business, Friendswood Brooms,
thus allowing me to bring my mental images
into the physical.  He also often lent me his
physical strength when mine faltered.

Therefore I dedicate this exhibit to Marlow Gates
and to the bright future he brings to old craft and new art.

Ralph Gates
Master Broommaker