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Making a Cobweb Broom

Gather Materials
Gather materials. The broomcorn stalk has 3 sections stalk, brush and knurl (where the brush meets the stalk). Trim the stalks to 6 to 8 inch lengths. Place stalks in hot water so stalks and knurls are covered: soak for 30 minutes. Remove from water; drain for a few minutes. Place tying wheel on floor.
Secure String and Pull Tight
Place your feet on the tying wheel and pull twine tight with both hands on the handle. Place a stalk of broomcorn in next to the handle, with the knurl directly under the twine. Pull hard so the twine forms a slight V-depression in the broomcorn.
Add in the remaining stalks
Roll handle back slightly; place a second broomcorn stalk next to the first one. Twist to bind both stalks. Repeat with each stalk of broomcorn until you have gone all the way around the handle. Be sure to use an odd number so the weaving process will come out correctly.
Wrap the twine around the stalks.
After the stalks are bound in place, pull and wrap twine around the broomcorn stalks about 5 or 6 times.
Begin weaving in an over/under pattern.
Begin weaving the stalks by placing your thumb on the twine and releasing pressure on the tying wheel. Raise one stalk and place the twine under it. Using the wheel for leverage, pull twine tight. Place thumb on the next stalk and weave the twine under the next stalk. Pull tight and continue weaving up the handle.
Thread your tie-off string through and pull tight.
Make a tie-off loop by tying the ends of an 18 inch piece of twine together. The loop is used to pull the twine underneath to secure and conceal the end. After tying off, trim the stalks to 1/2 inch above the twine wraps.
begin sewing.
Make a row of stitches using about 2 yards of twine doubled. Secure with a self-locking knot and sew with a broom needle. Make another row about 4 inches above the first.
Sand and Lacquer to finish the broom.
The final steps are the sanding and finishing of the handle until the wood is perfectly smooth and pleasant to the touch.
The Finished Broom
A Finished Cobweb Broom